Around PEC 2021 Multihull Regatta

July 30 -Aug  2

The Premier long distance Regatta on the Great Lakes

Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

17th year running!

Combine history, unique geography, competitive sailing and some of the best wind conditions around and you get Around PEC.

** we are anticipating that this event can continue for 2021 but we don't know for sure and we will make a decision in mid july **

Historical Background

  Lake Ontario is the crossroads of the Great Lakes. To the east we have the St. Lawrence river and the Rideau Canal to Ottawa, and the Oswego Canal on the south side of the lake. To the west we have the Trent-Severn Canal which joins Lake Huron and Georgian Bay to Lake Ontario, and also the Welland Canal which joins Lake Ontario to Lake Erie.

As such, Prince Edward County has a very rich maritime history. French and English explorers plied the waters as early as the 1600s. The French established a mission in 1668. The United Empire Loyalists arrived in the area after the American Revolution and the land was surveyed and given out in parcels by King Edward III. Prince Edward was the son of King Edward.


Prince Edward County is an island in Lake Ontario. The Bay of Quinte separates PEC from the mainland and was formed from glacial runoff from Lake Algonquin into Lake Iroquois which is now Lake Ontario.


The regatta comprises 3 legs which cover about 200km
The race will start in Trenton and go clockwise. Each leg is designed so that even with minimal wind (5 knots) the legs won't be too long. The shortest leg time to date was about 3 hours in a 15 knot breeze and the longest was 8 hours in 3-4 knots of wind.

Boats only with spinnaker. Double handed for everyone except the most experienced.
F18s will probably be the biggest class but all beach cats will be scored together.
Scored with SCHRS. Each leg will be scored 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc and not on total elapsed time and the lowest points at the end wins, no throw out.

We have a discussion group and to join please send an email to

Notice of race


We will be publishing details of the course here in the coming weeks. Please study the charts and understand where  the reefs and shallow parts are.

Each day you will sail to a different location. Note that for 2021 there will be a trailer to move your equipment BUT we can only move equipment for the first 5 boats. Someone is tentatively organizing this. Go to the discussion group for more information


Friday July 30st: Arrive a day early to setup. The launch site is the boat launch in Trenton on the east side of the river. At supper we will be organizing some kind of take out due to the restaurant situation.

Sat July 31: Race starts at 12:00 sharp GPS time at the last set of channel markers out of Trenton to the south east. Do not wait for an official start. The finish is Accomodating Bay campground in Hay Bay, south of Napanee. 4159 County Road 9, Napanee, ON 613 354 3001 Contact is: Joann Robins

The teams will record their time when one member touches dry land, and use GPS or cell phone time. If there is any discrepency between this time and the KWindoo tracking time,then KWindoo will be authoritative.

Sun Aug 1: Race starts at 11:00 and it is a LEmans style start in the water. Teams should be no more than waist deep. The teams will line up according to their finishing position the day before. Foiling boats can start with us out on the water but not before the other boats. The finish is at the Perfect View dock. Teams do not have to touch the doc but just be abeam and record your time. Laura Anthony 613 476 4734

Mon Aug 2: Race starts at 10:00 and there will be a start line across the mouth of Smith's bay. Exact locations will be on the Kwindoo app. Finish will be back at the Perfect View dock as before.


Live Tracking 2019 replay

Currently Registered for 2021:

Fees. $150 for those fully prepaid by June 1st. $200 after that. Fees may go up if we get a safety boat.

If you have your own shore crew and don't need us to move your gear then it is $100 prepaid or $150 after June 1st.

deposit paid?

Dave A 
F16 y
Steve Stelmach
Nacra F17 y
Brian Burrell
Hobie Fx One y

Jason Lewis F16

Joaquin Fayat F18

Jeff Williams F18

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