2023 Logistics

Vehicles and trailers: Each night we will be staying at a different location. The start location is different than the finish so the vehicles and trailers will be moved to the end point at 4pm on Aug 4. If you are late and miss this opportunity you are on your own to move your vehicle around. If you drop out of the event early then you have to arrange your own transportation back to your vehicle.

Equipment: We have a trailer to bring your equipment from stop to stop. We will be putting some limitations on the amount of equipment you can bring. We will only be bringing 2 or 3 sets of beach wheels. The best way to get your equipment around is to have your own shore crew. Each stop will have power and showers and a camping area. We will probably not be able to take chairs, bbq, hull chalks. . There will be picnic tables at the stops.

List of what you can bring in the equipment trailer:

2 x cooler <- if someone runs out of food we can probably do a grocery store run
2 x clothes bag
1 x small toolbox

For the bbqs, we will have one or two large ones at each stop. We can’t bring one for each team.

Food: You are responsible for your own food. The final stop will include dinner.

Ensure you drink at least 2 litres of water while on the water each day.

Friday Aug 4.

Starting location: Trenton boat launch on the east side of the river. Centennial Park Boat Launches, Trenton, ON

Boat set up area is on the grass.

Friday night you can stay at: Holiday Inn TRENTON
Tel: 1-613-3944855

Sat Aug 5.

Bergeron Estate Winery


9656 Loyalist Pkwy, Bath, ON Drive down the laneway and it is on the left before the houses.

Sunday Aug 6.

Sunday night stop over will be in Waupoos at the Accomodating Bay campground. 505 Morrison Pt Rd, Milford, Ontario, Canada

http://www.accommodatingbay.com 613 476 4734

Monday Aug 7. Final destination will be the Gosport Marina in Brighton, Ontario.

6 Bay St E, Brighton, ON

On Friday, aug 4 you will drive your vehicle and trailer to Gosport and park in one of the two areas. Park as tight as possible but do not block any vehicles. Note that there is Another town called Gosport on the map in Hay Bay.

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