Is Around PEC suitable for foiling boats? Yes but there are some weeds on the first day and there are some shoals so watching the charts is imperative, just as with a normal boat.

Can we have a separate start or course for xyz boats? Potentially yes but boats that are similar in configuration will be scored in an overall category and then other classes can be broken out in scoring groups. Boats that are signficantly different such as larger trimarans (corsair, farrier etc) or foiling boats we can do a seperate start/course if we have enough.

Why can’t we see the course until the day before? The purpose for this is to add to the navigational challenge.

Do I have to have a spinnaker boat? Yes the distances are too long for a H16, Dart 18 etc.

Why can’t I bring chairs, bbq and the kitchen sink? We just don’t have room in the support trailer.

What should I bring on the boat to eat? At least 2 litres of water each, power bars or any food that is water proof. It is a good idea to bring drinks with electrolytes.

Do I have to come a day early on the Friday? Yes. It is impossible to come sat morning and be ready to go at the start. Maybe if you have your own driver for your vehicle but then you will miss the skippers meeting and any important discussions. This has caused major problems in the past.

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