We use Kwindoo to track the boats and support staff.

The trackers are required for scoring. The Kwindoo app uses a lot of battery so ensure that you have an external battery pack. Each team member must have a tracker. Having 2 trackers will lead to very slight differences in timing. A manual calculation of average time may be required at the end of each leg if boats are very close. See Here for Kwindoo setup instructions.


If you have a phone in a sealed case it could overheat if it is in the sun so try to put it somewhere out of the sun.

The Race Committee will occasionally send the fleet messages throug Kwindoo if a leg is shortened, a race is cancelled, a boat is ocs or other occasion. You should have your phone somewhere that is easily viewed.

Check Kwindoo just after the start to ensure you are not OCS. If you are ocs then Kwindoo will not show you as passing through the start line and you must go back.

Support staff will have trackers as well so that we can locate boats. If you have the tracker attached to the boat and you fall off then it makes it more difficult to find you, so attach it to yourself.

Spectators can view the race on the web site or using the Kwindoo Live View app. Spectators can also create an account to view the race with additional analytics.

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